JOBY JB00103-CEN SLR-Zoom Gorillapod

By Joby

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Ideal for mounting your DSLR, camcorder or external flash, the Joby JB00103-CEN SLR-Zoom Gorillapod is the tripod that can go almost anywhere. Flexible design Gorillapod tripods are unique in that they can be set up in a variety of places, from a rock face to the front of your bike. It has rubberised foot grips that make it easier to get a secure hold on difficult surfaces, so you can achieve steady, satisfying shots in all sorts of surroundings. There are over two dozen joints in the legs of the JB00103-CEN SLR Zoom, letting you twist and shape the tripod to suit the shot you need. This flexibility means you can set up this Gorillapod almost anywhere. Carry the load The SLR-Zoom can support up to 3 kg of weight, so you can use it for a variety of imaging and recording devices. Whether you're filming a race or snapping pictures from trees, the Gorillapod can bear the weight while you wait for the perfect shot. The design of this tripod means that it is ideal for macro photography, letting your camera stay close to the subject. Make the most of your photography by setting up your camera on the Joby JB00103-CEN SLR-Zoom Gorillapod.

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