Olympus SZ-15 Compact Digital Camera in Black

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A compact as cute as the SZ-15 really has no right to a 24x super wide optical zoom lens. Most cameras of this size just cant find room for that sort of magnifying power let alone the flexibility to shoot in 16-Megapixel quality at super-wide angles. And they certainly dont have space for Super-resolution Zoom which doubles still photo magnification to 48x with none of the pixilation that usually makes digital zooms so ineffective. One of the reasons to get a camera with this sort of magnifying capability is to capture macros with those eye-popping colours and details that mostly go unseen. But macro shooting isnt always easy. If you get too close the camera casts a shadow. Or you startle tiny creatures and before you get the shot. Thats why the SZ-15 has Telephoto Macro. This clever feature lets you shoot macros up to 40cm from your subject with all the power of a 600mm telephoto (35mm equivalent). And in case youre worried about blur dont be. Dual Image Stabilisation takes care of

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