PANASONIC DMC-GX8EB-S Compact System Camera - Silver, Body Only, Silver

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Top features:- Cleaner shots with image stabilisation - Tiltable LED touchscreen allows you to shoot from creative angles - 4K Ultra HD video lets you capture every detail - Fast shutter and autofocus to ensure you don't miss the moment - Wireless connection to easily share your creations Cleaner shots with image stabilisation Thanks to dual image stabilisation, the Panasonic Lumix GX8 Mirrorless Camera is able to deliver crisper photos by correcting hand and camera shake in several ways, right through the focal range. It's equipped with body-based digital stabilisation to correct for most kinds of camera shake for clearer shots - and you'll get even better results when using a compatible lens with image stabilisation (sold separately). The Panasonic GX8 features a 20.3 megapixel sensor driven by a Venus Engine to render high detail levels together with a wide dynamic range and sensitivity. Enjoy superior picture quality with finely-reproduced details in even low-light situations - you'll be able to preserve the atmosphere of each scene more authentically for shots you can be proud of. Tiltable LED touchscreen Take advantage of a 3” LED screen, which tilts through a wide range of positions to open up new possibilities for your photography - capture awkward low subjects, shoot over people's heads in a crowd or achieve quirky perspectives for more original photos. You'll be able to navigate menus and use functions with ease thanks to the screen's touch capabilities. Experience precise response when tracking fast-moving subjects for photos and videos alike. When using your GX8 with compatible weather-proof lenses (sold separately) you'll feel the benefits of a weather- and dust-proofed camera system that allows shooting in unpredictable outdoor conditions. The camera body features seals to keep dust out when you're taking photos in dry conditions, such as on safari, on the beach or by a racetrack. 4K Ultra HD video Record 4K Ultra HD videos with the GX8 and enjoy home videos with up to four times the detail of Full HD productions. Your videos will boast a professional-style look so you can relive those great moments as if you were there again. The camera doesn't compromise on frame rate, shooting in 4K at frame rates up to 30 fps, and you'll also be able to capture up to 30 8 megapixel frames per second as still images - great for fast-moving subjects like wildlife and sports events. Fast shutter and autofocus The GX8 offers shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second to help you take sharp, captivating photos of fast moving or brightly-illuminated subjects. Shoot in bursts of up to eight frames per second with high-speed, high-accuracy focusing. DFD technology that enables focus times of just 0.07 seconds, so you can achieve crisp, properly-focused results even when conditions are tough. Wireless connection You can easily connect to a smartphone, tablet or computer since the GX8EB features built-in WiFi and NFC technology. Photography becomes more flexible since you can quickly share images you've taken - ideal for showing off your creations on social media or giving clients an immediate view over a situation. Use the Panasonic Image App for iOS and Android to easily shoot, browse and share images remotely.More memory for your cameraIt is important to have the right memory card for your camera. The memory card will determine how fast an image is saved and how fast an image is uploaded.If you're shooting high definition videos along with high resolution images then it's best to invest in a high performance memory card. A high performance memory card will get the best out of your photography, ensuring the best continuous shooting speed and high quality data capture.

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