Ricoh Theta S Spherical VR Digital Camera

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A sleek and unique device allowing you to capture 360° stills and full HD movies with a single click, the Theta S from Ricoh features updated imaging components and performance attributes for producing broad-field imagery in a variety of ways. Dual 12MP 1/2.3" image sensors pair with bright f/2 twin lenses in order to capture high-resolution spherical images with each exposure, and a sensitivity range from ISO 100-1600 is available for working in a various lighting conditions. Automated exposure settings are used for both stills and video recording, or manual settings can be employed when shooting stills for extended exposure times up to one minute long.In addition to the imaging capabilities, the Theta S has also been revamped with enhanced sharing capabilities, including the ability to wirelessly share both movies and photos to a mobile device for posting online. Built-in Wi-Fi also enables remote live view and camera settings adjustment from your smartphone or tablet. Finished imagery can up uploaded to the dedicated Theta 360 website for sharing with social media sites as well as published on Google's Street View app to allow others to view your spherical imagery.

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